Phoenix Beach Volleyball



Phoenix is open to all youth players 8yrs-18yrs and we also host adult classes open to all ages over 18yrs.  We have different levels within those age groups as well.  Our Varsity level training groups do require tryouts to attend.

  • Water bottle
  • Hat/visor/sunglasses
  • Optional-sand socks or regular socks
  • Optional bug spray/sunblock

Our bi-weekly practices will take place at the sand volleyball courts located at Coconut Grove’s
David T. Kennedy Park, Miami’s Shenandoah Park (by the library), South Miami’s Fuchs Park and Dante Fascell Park and Palmetto Bay’s Coral Reef Park. All of our indoor programing takes place at Coral Gables Senior High. 

 In the case of rain (no lightning) we will most likely stay on the courts and continue playing until we see lightning, hear thunder or hear the lightning alarm.  If we have one or more of these circumstances obvious to us, we will walk your son/daughters to the closest shelter. We will remain there for a minimum of thirty minutes from the instance of lightning/thunder or until we hear the all clear alarm, or until practice ends, whichever comes first.  If it is not safe to return to the practice courts by the end of practice, you should go directly to the designated shelter for pick-up.  It is our goal to keep your children safe, so anything we can do, we will do.  We will do our best to follow all youth programming protocols when it comes to heat, rain and lightning.

We will add a parent(s) to our WhatsApp group and communicate through that group any cancellations or important changes. We try our hardest to make the correct call, but it is not always a clear call.  We try to communicate any practice cancellations at least 1 hour before the start of each practice time.  We typically do not make up canceled practices.

Our weekly practices will take place at the sand volleyball courts located at Coconut Grove’s
David T. Kennedy Park and Brickell’s Margaret Pace Park. Our coaching staff will meet athletes directly at the sand volleyball courts.

Please make note of this in the notes of your child’s sign-up.  Also, please advise your child’s coach directly the first day of practice if it is something you feel your child’s coach needs to know about.

You can cancel your membership 15 days before you-next billing cycle.

If you must pick your child up early, please do so in person and try to let us know ahead of time if possible. This helps us to plan and also keep your child safe so they are not wandering off.

 Our practice options run Monday-Friday.  Our ages are split up into different sessions and run different times at different locations. Our earliest sessions will begin at 3:30pm and our latest youth sessions run until 7:30pm.

For beach volleyball attire, we recommend athletic/breathable clothing and the required PHOENIX SHIRT.  On sunny or cold days, a long sleeve shirt may be the best option underneath the PHOENIX SHIRT.  We highly recommend a visor or hat and/or sunglasses/sunblock as the sun can be an issue many days.  It’s best to train barefoot, but a pair of sand socks or just regular socks can be used on hot days.  It may be a good idea to send flip flops or sandals on the days of volleyball and it’s a good idea to bring a towel to brush the sand off after training.

A water bottle is required each day, though we will try to have a water jug to refill the bottles/cups if a drinking fountain is not available close by.  We do not provide plastic cups. Healthy snacks are encouraged before training, but these snacks should not interrupt, distract or interfere with training times.  Please limit sugary beverages and snacks as we do have bees and ants that become an issue when these items are bought and stored in bags or on benches.

You can sign up as a team or as a free agent.  Pay attention to league sign-up and registration dates and promotions on social media.  A good way to find teammates and be the first to hear about registration is to participate in our adult classes (Mondays and/or Saturdays).