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A Note From Chase Frishman:
I have always been a lone traveler. Supported by many, but most times on my own mission of independence. This company has opened my eyes to something deeper. A chance to make an impact in a way that is positive for those around me. I am hoping to go deeper into this space of community, and build something special to last in the volleyball community. The experiences we have had after working with communities has felt magical and charmed. Like a light for all involved. Learning, chances for people to see each other, and affirm the greatness within all of us. There are so many life-changing, community building moments this sport offers. There are so many incredible, learning lessons available on this path. …the intent of this business is to grow the sport, in a mindful way. To help guide the next generation, as we learn for ourselves. At the end of the day, if we can bring some smiles to a community, plant some seeds in the youth, and pave the way for a better future earning potential for athletes in this sport, then we have done our job. Join us on this magical mission to bring more fun, more grateful awareness, and more abundance to this wonderful sport. So that more dreams may take flight. The only way to get there is if we Fly Further Together.


Kennedy/Pace Park Classes are PAUSED

Due to the scarcity of volleyball courts, and the popularity of  beach volleyball since the pandemic, we have been forced to pause our Kennedy Park and Pace Park adult programming in Miami-Dade.  There are just not enough courts with lights for adults to come and enjoy open play and they are crowding onto the few courts we do have available in our cities.  Recent pressure from the volleyball community to leave the courts for open play has created fewer available permits for Phoenix’s adult classes/leagues as well as other adult organizations’ beach volleyball programming.



Please do your part and reach out to your government representatives and DEMAND MORE COURTS BE BUILT!




A few years back, Josh D’Alemberte started a volleyball clinic in Kennedy Park – open to the public – to encourage public park use and teach a new skill to both young and old.  The turnout was incredible, and Phoenix has since expanded into several other parks throughout Miami-Dade County. We created entire GENERATIONS of young and mature athletes of all levels who may not have otherwise had a sport about which they felt excited.  His wife,  Alysia D’Alemberte, has taught at Coral Gables High School for 23 years, and together, Josh and Alysia just finished their third season as the Gables Boys Volleyball coaches.  Construction of two sand courts began in December 2023 and they are VERY close to being finished. The Coral Gables HS Boys Volleyball Booster Club, Friends of Gables High and an overwhelming amount of support from our volleyball community, has made this dream a reality. We just need to raise the remainder of the funds and when the courts are finished, GABLES will be home to two beach volleyball courts and the first FSHAA beach team at a MIAMI-DADE PUBLIC SCHOOL. Go Cavs!