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Josh D’Alemberte

Head Coach

Coach Josh is a Miami native with  25+ years experience inside the classroom and on the courts/fields across Miami.  He and his wife Alysia started Phoenix in 2016 with a desire to create opportunity for Miami youth and adults in the sport he loves, beach volleyball.  Josh was responsible for starting the Ransom Everglades Middle/High School beach program, where we was a Social Studies teacher at the time.  Besides Phoenix, Josh also shares his time as an indoor coach at Coral Gables High School (where his youngest son is a player) and runs Who Tutors, a K-12 educational organization offering tutoring, test prep and consulting services. 


Frank Barrios

Upper Level Coach
Beach Volleyball Coordinator

Coach Frankie began his playing career at Coral Gables High School and made the transition shortly afterwards to beach volleyball because he wanted to get more touches on the ball. He fell in love with the sport even more. Barrios, currently trains with SoFlo’s best beach volleyball athletes and competes at the men’s open level in tournaments throughout the state.  Frankie’s favorite thing about beach volleyball is that you have to ALWAYS be focused and involved.  There are only two people on your side of the court, so you HAVE to contact the ball every rally. He joined the Phoenix coaching team in 2018 and shortly after joining, transitioned to head beach coordinator where he has introduced Phoenix athletes to a whole new level of training.  When he is not coaching or playing, you can find Coach Frankie hanging with his puppy Mila watching Lord of the Rings. 


Angela Brown

Youth Coach
Progam Coordinator

Coach Angie joined the Phoenix staff in February 2018 after spending four years prior running a K-12 volleyball program at Colegio el Camino, a bilingual school in Los Cabos, Mexico. Brown began her coaching career as an assistant varsity/head junior varsity coach for her alma mater high school SAHS (Stillwater, MN).  She spent twelve years in that position as well as assisting the local club program, SAJO, in varying roles as board member, head 12/13/15’s coach and club director (2012-2013) as well.  Additionally, she worked as a lead clinician for several youth indoor summer camps and clinics as well as three years of beach volleyball camps with All American Girls/Boys. A native of nearby Boca Raton, FL, Brown was a collegiate indoor volleyball player (setter/defensive specialist) at Elmhurst University, IL.


Grace Christiansen

Youth Coach

Coach Grace, originally from Dallas, TX joined Phoenix in 2020. She started playing beach volleyball in high school and placed in many national championships. She went on to play Division 1 beach volleyball at Stetson University where she was a part of a highly-ranked NCAA program. Grace has many years of experience both playing and coaching and is currently the Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher at Somerset Gables Academy.

Candace Garcia

Youth/Adult Coach
Administrative Assistant

Coach Candace has recently joined the Phoenix team as a youth and adult coach in 2021.  She has an extensive background as an indoor player and been a positive force with our youth training groups since she began.  Candace specializes in positional training (for hybrid athletes) and skill development as athletes transition from indoor to beach and vice versa.  She is a FIU college student studying political science with plans to attend NY Law School upon graduation.  Candace has also recently joined the Ransom Everglades coaching staff for indoor girls volleyball.


Ryan Smith

Youth/Adult Coach

Coach Ryan, a Utah native, is a current UM student and member (also vice president) of the ‘canes men’s indoor volleyball team.  Ryan is studying economics and joined our staff in his freshman year, eager to add knowledge and leadership to our programming especially as it relates to the technical breakdown of the basic skills of the game. He brings energy and a solid foundation to his training sessions and loves working with young athletes of all ages.  He is great role model of what a collegiate athlete can achieve with the right mindset and dedication.

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Shawn Delatour

Youth/Adult Coach

Coach Shawn, got his start in volleyball in 2009 as an indoor player at Dr. Michael Krop High school and made the switch shortly after to beach volleyball in 2015.  He joined the United States Marine Corp for four years and later enrolled in FSU where he earned a B.S. in finance and also played on the FSU men’s beach volleyball club team. As a 2021 graduate and one of the newest additions to the Phoenix coaching team, we are excited to see him become an standout member of our coaching staff as he continues to share his love and dedication to the game.


Fernanda Mardones

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

Fernanda graduated as a Physcial Therapist in Chile (2010) and since 2016 has been practicing here in Miami.  She has competed in various sports such as field hockey (1993-2014), collegiate swimming, water skiing and most recently, beach volleyball.  She has has been surrounded by sports and competition her whole life with an Olympian father (track & field) and an equally decorated grandmother who was on the women’s national tennis team. 

Harrison Stampler

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Coach Harrison is a Miami native and a D2 collegiate baseball player.  He has been working with and shadowing several professional athletic trainers for the past five years and has also spent some time as a youth baseball coach as well in Tamiami.  He comes to us with a desire to share his knowledge in the area of strength and conditioning with an emphasis on movement and explosiveness in the sand. We are excited to have him work with our athletes this season!


Angelica Sorensen

Youth Coach

Coach Jelly started with Phoenix as both a top high school player and youth coach, the same year in 2019.  Her skill level both indoor and in beach volleyball surpasses most and her positivity is felt on and off the courts.  She has a gentle touch when it comes to working with young athletes and enjoys watching them fall in love with the game as much as she has.  Jelly is currently a freshman at Miami Dade and hopes to begin her collegiate volleyball career in either beach or indoor very soon.  Stay tuned!

Ian Villarroel

Youth/Adult Coach

Coach Ian joined the Phoenix coaching in 2021 staff after first starting as a Phoenix youth player several years before.  He use to practice with his father, on the courts of Kennedy Park and is now able to share this passion with players just like him.  With a step by step approach, he is able increase the skill level of each athlete, group, or team he is working with, no matter the age or level. He comes into each training session with range of training techniques to engage every player.   


Ali Denney

Youth Coach/Clinician

 Coach Ali began her career in indoor volleyball in her home town near Jupiter, FL but shortly afterwards found her passion in the beach game.  She joined the Phoenix Coaching team as a volunteer in her final two years as a D1 collegiate beach volleyball player for FUI.   She is a 2021 graduate of FIU with an undergraduate degree in Sports Psychology and Masters in Kinesiology/Exercise Phys and is the current head coach of both the girls and boys teams at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  Ali lives in Kendal and is one of our lead clinicians at our weekend skills clinics.


Matias Delgado

Upper Level Coach

Coach Matias joined Phoenix in 2019, shortly after graduating from Universtiy of Florida with a degree in finance and four years as a member of the men’s beach volleyball program.  Matias’ developed understanding of the game and ability to communicate through his training has been instrumental in raising the bar on our practice courts.  Matias continues to train at a high level with SoFlo’s best athletes and competes in the men’s open division across the state.

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Rebecca Manning

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Coach Becky is THE definition of living the life of health and wellness.  With many years as a triathlete competitor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, volleyball player and coach, among other things, she continues to spread her love of competition through her strength and power programming with Phoenix.  She incorporates body weight movements and actions used in competition and motivates in ways that make it super fun and competitive at the same time. Her training sessions challenge the strength and stability of the core, arms and legs and add a solid cardio vascular component that keeps our athletes moving toward their goals.  Coach Becky shares her time with Phoenix and Ransom Everglades, where she offers her expertise as an indoor coach as well.